Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kevin Morford in deep trouble

This is one for the Green Party Gone Bad blog, I think. Kevin Morford, a writer, community activist, and legal beagle for the Green Party of Alaska on many occasions, has been arrested and charged with child pornography. The Anchorage Daily News interviewed Jim Sykes about the arrest:
Jim Sykes, a consumer advocate from Palmer and a former Green Party candidate for Alaska governor and U.S. senator, said he was completely surprised to hear of the charges against Morford.

"I find the accusation quite shocking and hope it's not true," Sykes said Monday night. "He's contributed a lot to the community." .... "One of the principles of the Green Party is taking personal responsibility, and I'm sure ... he'll take personal responsibility for them" if the accusations prove to be true, Sykes said.
Shocking is right. Morford has done wonderful things for Alaska, and if this is true, it shows how a person can be both admirable and despicable at the same time. If it's not true, it will still cloud his reputation and probably ruin his life for years to come, that being the depth of revulsion which any taint of this kind of crime induces in people.

You just never know.

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