Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Green business caucus

Check out the article in Green Pages, "Walking the walk: Green business owners positioned to make a difference":
As a caucus within the party, Green business owners could start a meaningful discussion about how best to utilize the skills and resources we bring to the Party. We can set an example of what "business" can be, and what it looks like when a moral compass and a little vision are added to the mix. We all talked about our desire to see a network form that would unite Green business owners nationwide and help Greens communicate with each other to help grow the party.

If you are interested in helping to form such a group or caucus, please contact
For a while, the TY-Green website had a Green Business page, with lots of information on community-based economics. Here's some information from Synthesis/Regeneration on the topic, in two articles by Steve Welzer. The journal also has a page of links to articles on Green economics.

For some local writing on this, there's my own recent editorial on community currency, and two articles by Phil Loring over at The Fireweed on local agriculture.

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