Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Dem in District D

So far, the Alaska Greens have only one or two possible candidates, both for U.S. Congress. However, there are several important races at state level in which the Democrats have as yet been unable to find candidates, among them Ralph Seekins' district, Senate District D, right here in River City.

One would think, with Seekins' track record, that a Democrat would be a shoo-in.

Still, nobody seems to have time. I spoke with a certain to-remain-anonymous Democratic organizer, who said that they might be willing to work with us if they can't find a candidate, so long as we have a reasonable candidate. A viable, reasonable candidate would have to be someone well known, articulate, respected in the community, business-savvy, politically astute, and willing to work his or her buns off in a campaign.

So, any takers out there?

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