Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More on Eva & Ralph

Eva Ince is just getting her campaign going, has ordered stickers and buttons, and now needs people to get the word out. Since no meeting place was designated in time, she's not coming to Fairbanks on the 5th of June as originally planned; instead, she'll be at the Anchorage Barnes & Noble, and is calling on Chicks with Sticks and other Green knitters to come and meet her there.

Ralph may have some competition, after all--but still not from the Democrats. Rumor has it that there's a Green who may run for Senate District D: Ester, UAF, Fairbanks, Ferry, Denali, Healy, Nenana, and Cantwell areas. (It is utterly astonishing to me that Seekins ever got elected to this district in the first place. I can see Cantwell, but elsewhere? I'm boggled.)

But there's still today and tomorrow left...

More to come!

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