Saturday, June 23, 2007

Clean Campaigns

The disgust level has finally risen across the nation to the point that clean campaign initiatives are popping up all over, even here in Alaska. The Publc Campaign Action Fund has an Alaska campaign, Alaska Public Interest Research Group is supporting a clean campaigns initiative, about which the Anchorage Daily News wrote a story in May. Interestingly, in that article, the reporter quoted Randy Reuderich, that paragon of probity and trustworthiness, as saying:
"Equal funding is an incumbent-protection policy," Ruedrich said. Sitting lawmakers have the advantage of name recognition, giving them an edge over challengers even if they are equally funded as clean-election candidates, he said.

"I'm more for a system of no limits to funding and full, immediate disclosure, so voters know right away who is backing a candidate," he said.
Uh, right. So is he claiming that it's not easier right now for incumbents to get oodles of cash for their campaigns? So when big money owns a legislator, they aren't going to back 'em? Naah. I'd say it's a better bet that clean campaign laws will return those incumbents who AREN'T BEHOLDEN TO BIG MONEY, but will throw out the bums who are in the pockets of lobbyists.

Nice try, Randy.

The Green Party of Alaska has long supported clean campaign and election legislation, but I guess preventitive measures didn't sink in. It takes really slimy dealings before everybody else gets on the bandwagon. Anyway, this Green is for endorsing the clean campaign initiatve AkPIRG's supporting.

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