Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mike Musick for borough assembly

Here's an announcement from Richard Seifert:
Mike Musick, known to most, grandfather, Green builder, former local building Association president, once an Alaska Craftsman Home Instructor, business owner and log builder, author of the Alaska Log Building Manual, arbor day hero, and mild mannered, good-humored, civil fellow, is running for borough assembly. It is our good community fortune that he is he is willing to do this now. He can use your support and is especially hoping some of you will offer a venue for local meetings where Mike can get to know our community better and you, him.
So if you can manage a house party, please let Mike or I know. Mike will be an excellent assemblyman and his values will help us achieve a more sustainable future. But only if you vote for him, and help him get elected. His challenger is Bonnie Williams.
It's too rare that someone like Mike is courageous enough to run, but here is a chance to actually vote FOR someone for a change, instead of against the other person.

The borough electon is October 3. Help get Mike Musick elected.
I gather that Mike is running against Bonnie Williams (gack) for Guy Sattley's seat. I can definitely get behind Mike's campaign. Go, Mike!

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