Friday, June 30, 2006

State accepts Massie anyway?

Apparently, our request to the Office of Elections to remove Massie as candidate for governor has been ignored. He's on the list, and as a Green. This man has no history with the Green Party, did not contact the Greens, signed up as a Green at the same time he filed for office, and wasn't terribly responsive when Jim Sykes tried to contact him repeatedly after his name appeared on the Elections website.

Personally, I don't think that Dae Miles should be running on our ticket, either (the man is actively asking people NOT to vote for him, but to vote for David Guttenberg). I like Guttenberg, but if Miles wants people to support Guttenberg, he should have volunteered for his campaign, not run against him. Miles doesn't have a history with the Greens, either, and also signed with the party on the day of filing. He is hurting both the Green Party and Guttenberg's campaign with this stunt.

This is a serious problem for small parties: every nutcase and wingnut thinks they can simply use the ballot line to get public recognition. This hurts our actual candidates and gives the party a bad name. I see this kind of invasive candidacy as hostile to the Greens, and counter to our values: diverse viewpoints and grassroots participation are very important, but those ten values need to be respected. Candidates such as this do not uphold those values, and by not working with the party, show themselves to scorn accountability from the get-go.

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